Michael Yao Headshot

Michael Yao

MD/PhD Candidate (Bioengineering), BS Applied Physics

[email protected]



Philadelphia, PA

University of Pennsylvania

Current MD-PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania and 2021 Caltech physics graduate. Interested in using software engineering and innovative research to solve complex and meaningful real-world problems.

Academic Merits

HHMI-NIH Scholar (University of Pennsylvania): accelerated MD-PhD program

Class Rank: 3/233; In-Major Rank: 1/3 (Caltech)

2021 Caltech Housner Prize Winner

Cumulative GPA: 4.20; Major GPA: 4.20 (Caltech)

Relevant Experience

August 2021

May 2021

Software Engineering Intern, MRI Sequence Development Team, Hyperfine

  • Optimized k-space filter to better correct correct for spike noise in Python
  • Implemented and improved on an adaptive coil combination algorithm to remove phase discontinuities in MRI imaging, improving image quality for 95% of test images from clinical sites

April 2021

October 2017

Undergraduate Research Fellow, Mikhail Shapiro Laboratory, Caltech

  • Programmed Java and Python applications to analyze DNA for potential sites of homology-based recombination, speeding up research pipelines by up to 15%
  • Engineered probiotic bacteria and CAR T-Cells to be thermally activated using ultrasound to spatially localize cancer immunotherapy (patent pending)
  • Manipulated cellular water diffusivity to act as a sensor for hypoxia in MRI imaging



July 2021

CTO/Founder, Sentinel Cloud

  • Rethinking medical records with a user-friendly, secure, and cloud-based EHR designed to simplify healthcare for physicians and their patients
  • Built on Flask stack and Google Cloud Platform
  • Backed by Wharton's Venture Initiation Program and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

June 2021

May 2021

SDN Webscraper

  • Simple Beautiful Soup webscraper that parses through available historical data for medical school admissions to help current and future applicants better understand the application process timeline.

Programming Languages


class Python:

  self.years_of_experience =

  self.server_side_choice = 'Flask'

  self.language_of_choice = True

  self.editor_of_choice = 'vim'

mysql> UPDATE personal.skills SET

    −> hashing_algorithms = 1,

    −> rsa_encryption = 1,

    −> systems_design = 1

    −> WHERE user = 'Michael Yao'

    −> ;




  <meta name="years-of-experience"


  <meta name="favorite-css"

        content="display: grid">


$("#JavaScript").focus(function () {

  var yearsOfExperience = ;

  var libraries = [ 'jQuery',







import numpy as np

import scipy

import skimage

import torch

import nibabel as nib

function Matlab()

  yearsOfExperience = ;

  % Medical Image Analysis

  imgRegistration = true;

  imgSegmentation = true;


Miscellaneous Lanuages and Tools

Mathematica, R, C, C++, Java, bash, git


Publications and Talks

†Co-first authors.