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Michael Yao

MD/PhD Candidate (Bioengineering), BS Applied Physics

[email protected]



Philadelphia, PA

University of Pennsylvania

MD-PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania and Caltech physics graduate. Researcher at Microsoft developing deep learning methods for MRI image reconstruction. Interested in leveraging technology, research, and medicine to advance patient care at scale.

Academic Merits

MD-PhD Bioengineering (University of Pennsylvania) HHMI-NIH Scholar

BS Applied Physics, Class Rank: 3/233, GPA: 4.2 (Caltech) Housner Prize Winner

Relevant Experience


December 2021

PhD Research Intern, Advised by Michael Hansen, Microsoft Research

  • Explored techniques to make accelerated MRI reconstruction more robust across domains and clinical use cases, enabling faster MRI scan times and better image quality.
  • Implemented methods in supervised and self-supervised learning, transfer learning, and sequential learning.

August 2021

May 2021

Software Engineering Intern, MRI Sequence Development Team, Hyperfine

  • Optimized k-space filter to better correct correct for spike noise in Python
  • Implemented and improved on an adaptive coil combination algorithm to remove phase discontinuities in MRI imaging, improving image quality for >95% of test images from clinical sites

April 2021

October 2017

Undergraduate Research Fellow, Mikhail Shapiro Laboratory, Caltech

  • Engineered probiotic bacteria and CAR T-Cells to be thermally activated using ultrasound to spatially localize cancer immunotherapy
  • Manipulated cellular water diffusivity to act as a sensor for hypoxia in MRI imaging

Publications and Talks

†Co-first authors.



July 2021

Sentinel Cloud

  • A browser-based electronic health record system built for low-resource and student-run clinical practices.

June 2021

May 2021

SDN Webscraper

  • Online tool that parses through historical medical school applicant data on community forums to help current and future applicants better understand the application process.

Programming Languages



import numpy as np

import scipy

import skimage

import torch

import pytorch_lightning as pl

function Matlab()

  yearsOfExperience = ;

  % Medical Image Analysis

  imgRegistration = true;

  imgSegmentation = true;



class Python:

  self.years_of_experience =

  self.server_side_choice = 'Flask'

  self.language_of_choice = True

mysql> UPDATE personal.skills SET

    −> hashing_algorithms = 1,

    −> rsa_encryption = 1,

    −> systems_design = 1

    −> WHERE user = 'Michael Yao'

    −> ;




  <meta name="years-of-experience"


  <meta name="favorite-css"

        content="display: grid">


$("#JavaScript").focus(function () {

  var yearsOfExperience = ;

  var libraries = [ 'jQuery',





Miscellaneous Lanuages and Tools

Mathematica, R, C, C++, Java, bash, git