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I applied to MD-PhD programs during the 2020-2021 application cycle. I hope to share with you how I successfully applied to and interviewed at top institutions across the US, and ultimately help you on your path to become a physician.


My biggest qualification is that I recently went through the application process myself. I interviewed and was accepted into schools including Harvard-MIT, UPenn, Hopkins, UCSF, Columbia, and others.

As a result, I know what sets different programs apart and what they are looking for in candidates—some schools are strong in imaging research and integrating clinical technologies into the medical curriculum, while other schools are better at studying diabetes and community involvement.

I can help you understand the unique strengths and weaknesses of each program to tailor your applications on a school-specific basis.


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Preparing to Apply

If you're planning to apply to medical school in the future, I can help you with tailoring your extracurricular, tutoring, GPA management and course planning, and preparing for the MCAT.

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AMCAS Application

As you're thinking of sending out your AMCAS applications, my goal is to help you use your activity descriptions, personal statement, and secondary essays to craft a story that’s uniquely your own.

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The Final Stretch

Based on my own interview and application experiences, I will help you prepare for your interviews, write update letters and letters of interest, and ultimately choose a medical school to call home.

I work with up to two students on a regular basis per application cycle.

Free Resources

I occasionally post Youtube videos that talk about things like MCAT study tips, interview preparation, and AMCAS application walkthroughs.

I am also involved with MD Collective, a student-led nonprofit that provides free MCAT tutoring and admissions consulting to traditionally disadvantaged students.

I work as a freelance full-stack developer and help clients create slick, modern websites that tell their unique stories and vision. I enjoy working with involved and intricate projects and building the best possible experiences for my clients and their users.


I have been building backends for products ever since college, and much of my experience in designing and building front-end solutions and managing databases is self-taught. Here are some of the sites that I have built previously:

Sentinel Cloud Thumbnail

Sentinel Cloud

A cloud-based digital health record system for community clinics and low-resource settings.

MD Collective Thumbnail

MD Collective

A student-run nonprofit that helps students prepare for and apply to medical school.

I specialize in Python Flask-based stacks with MySQL, and am adept in JavaScript and jQuery. I prefer working with Google Cloud and Heroku, and have personal experience developing with common APIs such as Twilio's APIs, Stripe, and others.


I work with clients throughout the entire development process, and can assist with any and all of

  • Designing and/or building dynamic, engaging websites from scratch.
  • Engineering existing sites to be more accessible and mobile-responsive.
  • Incorporating features to enhance user experience.
  • Debugging code and other projects.

Please contact me for specific terms and rates.

Note: I am currently not taking additional students for STEM tutoring. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I am a private math and science tutor for high school and undergraduate students with over years of teaching experience.


I scored a 2360 in the old SAT (800 M/760 R/800 W/12 Essay, 1590 in the new SAT), and 800 on the SAT II Math II, Chemistry, and Biology subject tests. I also scored a 5 on all 15 of my AP tests during high school, some of which included AP Calculus BC, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Statistics. I am also a 2017 National Merit Scholar, and have previously received honors in both the US National Chemistry Olympiad and USA Biology Olympiad.

In college, I graduated 3rd in my class of 233 students at Caltech, and 1st in my major. I scored a 520 on the MCAT (98th percentile).

At Caltech, I worked as a teaching assistant for 7 different courses in physics, engineering, and computer sciecne at both the undergraduate and graduate level. I was also a Deans' Tutor for a variety of subjects at Caltech.


I work with students in private, virtual sessions to help them prepare for exams and AP testing. Many of my previous students have gone on to score 5's on their exams for

  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Calculus AB and BC
  • AP Physics 1 and 2
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics
  • AP Computer Science A


Michael has been one of the best TAs I have had during my time at Caltech. He explains the topics clearly without giving too much away and follows up to ensure the students understand the concepts fully. During his office hours, he tries to get to everyone and sometimes stays over time. He is quick to respond on Piazza and through email with thorough answers to questions.

Student, Anonymous TA Feedback

Gave helpful and straightforward answers during office hours. Was also easily reachable outside of office hours.

Student, Anonymous TA Feedback

Michael is very patient and encourages children, very responsible, never late or cancel, always contact me in advance to determine the time.

(Translated from Chinese)


Free Resources

An archive of some of my explanatory guides on important topics in AP Physics, Calculus, and Computer Science can be found here.

I am also involved with MD Collective, a student-led nonprofit that provides free MCAT tutoring and admissions consulting to traditionally disadvantaged students.